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Hurricane Dorian - South Carolina Coast September 5 2019

Hurricane Dorian Updates

Read the latest weather updates and news about Hurricane Dorian, here.

South Carolina Updates

South Carolina is making plans to keep its citizens as safe as possible.  Please heed their advice and use the precautions that are recommended.   Please use this link for the most up to date weather information.

Carolina Coast Updates

September 5 2019

Category 3

As of Today the National Weather Service in Myrtle Beach's latest briefing states the most pressing concerns for our area are ongoing minor coastal flooding with each high tide and strong rip currents and worsening surf/maritime conditions tonight through the week.

Some of the key points from the briefing are below:

Hurricane Dorian is still expected to move up and skirt the coast
NWS is waiting for the northerly turn to see more regarding the track
Track confidence is increasing to a moderate level
There is increasing rough surf today
The earliest arrival for winds is Thursday morning
The most likely arrival of the hurricane in South Carolina is Thursday
Expected rainfall has increased from moderate to high (5-10 inches, with isolated 15 inches depending on the storm's track)